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Here at High5Shop, we have a large selection of beanies that fits every style and taste, and we're sure that we have one that's right for you! Beanies are a great item to finish a cool outfit with and it's also a quick fix for a bad hair day. And a good hat can bring some warmth to your ears during autumn and winter if you would have any need for it. At, we have carefully selected the hats that are currently in demand and that are in line with current trends. We have classic ribbed hats that always ensures a winning outfit, a lined trapper hat to help you stay warm and hats with sweet labels and prints. In short, there is something for every taste, so if you're in need of a hat, we guarantee you that you can find your new favorite here on the website! And, of course, at a really great price!

Beanies of the highest quality

Here at, we simply refuse to compromise on quality! We want you to get a beanie you can use for many years to come and that keeps its color and shape. Our goal is to have happy and satisfied customers, and therefore we will not leave you with anything less than the very best! Not only can you easily see if a product is made of poor quality — for example, a hat that has completely lost its shape or fraying edges is not very nice, and it should also be able to be washed if needed. The hat should also be able to withstand all kinds of weather and therefore we choose only the best products in the best quality!

Beanies from all of the major brands

The words “quality” and “brand” often go hand in hand. There's a reason the big brands become so popular, and part of that has — according to us — something to do with the quality. As we said, we do not compromise on quality, and when you're buying the well-known brands, you're guaranteed that the quality is high. That's why we're selling the big brands here at High5Shop — brands like Vans, Dickies and Flexfit. These are brands we know we can vouch for. They create sweet designs and the quality is always top- notch, which is why we are proud to offer these brands to our customers. We also have beanies from lesser-known brands, but that does not mean you have to worry about the quality — we always choose the best of the best, so if we have approved it, you can rest assured that the products are perfectly in order!

A beanie for every style

Beanies are popular both among girls and boys and can be both a fashion statement and a simple, practical item. Regardless if you're looking for a warm beanie to keep your ears warm or you're going for a different looking beanie that can spice up your outfit, we're sure we have what you're looking for! We sell both lots of beanies with labels that fit perfectly with streetwear or classic ribbed hats and fold-ups. A very “girly” outfit can be cooler with a nice beanie — and it's also the perfect way to save a bad hair day! A hat gives you a slightly more casual look in general if that's what you're after, and here with us, they're available in many different colors. We make sure that there's something for everyone!

Great prices

In addition to offering a large selection of beanies here at, we also have some of the best prices on the web! That way, you might have enough to build a full collection of wonderful beanies! The shipping is also cheap — you pay just 3.99€ for shipping, and on orders exceeding 49€, the shipping is free! The fact that we only sell quality and branded products does not mean that you need to be broke just to look cool! We live for our happy customers, and that means that the selection should be large, the prices great and the quality and service on top!