Newsboy Caps (3)

The timeless hat that never goes out of style. The Newsboy is just one of the many nicknames for this cool hat globally. In Danish, it's called an "avisdreng-kasket" and is also better known as a sixpence hat. The Newsboy cap has existed for several hundred years, which is why you typically see both boys and men wearing them in movies and series set in earlier decades.

With a Newsboy cap, you can make your personal style more rugged simply by adding this accessory. Whether you're going to work or a party, wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a shirt and dress pants, a Newsboy cap can undoubtedly make your look more stylish and classic with a touch of rawness. If you are also crazy about the cool sixpence hats, you can find a wide selection within this category on our website. Among other things, you can find a new and cool Stetson Newsboy cap in various models and colors depending on your personal preferences.

A flat cap like a sixpence is also characterized by the materials it is made of, often consisting of wool. With us, you can find several variants in terms of color and material. If you haven't had a Newsboy cap before but love the Peaky Blinders style, you can check out our exciting selection on the website. The hats are available in different sizes, and size guides can be found under the products.