Trucker Caps (184)

If you're into legendary trucker caps, we have a wide selection of beautiful caps to suit a broad taste. The trucker cap can be recognized by the mesh on the back and a closure similar to adjustable caps. It is very distinctive and one of the most popular hats throughout history. If you've seen movies from the '70s and '80s, you might remember the caps they wore back then. They are made today with a curved brim that has stitching to the brim itself. But now they are also available with a flat brim, as seen in snapbacks, which have gained significant popularity among newer generations. However, the classic trucker cap is undoubtedly one of the most iconic caps ever.


Caps from famous brands

Here at, we always have all the well-known brands. Therefore, you don't need to look elsewhere when you need to find a new cap, as we also offer some of the best prices on the market. We have famous brands for trucker caps such as Flexfit, New Era, Goorin Bros, Capslab, Yupoong, and Brixton, which are some of the most popular brands right now. They are all super cool and have their own unique characteristics. A cap of this type is the epitome of casual wear and is perfect if you want a hat that matches very relaxed clothing or perhaps sportswear. They come in several variants and colors, as well as with logos, making them recognizable. And we know the quality of the famous brands, which is always top-notch and has helped maintain their good image over the years.

Room to breathe

One of the smart things about the classic trucker cap is the well-known mesh on the back, which prevents overheating. Sometimes the problem with a regular cap is that it gets too hot, and the head doesn't get a chance to breathe and release heat. Most body heat escapes through the head, which is why a cap without ventilation will retain heat. If you don't like being too warm but still want to wear a cap, this type is ideal for you. You get a cool look while being incredibly practical, allowing you to breathe and not sweat when wearing your cap.

Adjustable for all sizes

Since it is equipped with a closure on the back, it can be adjusted as needed. A standard size is around 55-60 cm, which can be quite large or small for some people. But if you have an adjustable trucker cap, you can always adjust it so it fits perfectly and isn't too loose or tight. There are many advantages and attractive aspects to this cap, which is probably why it has been popular throughout the years and is still found among our online store's selection. Choose from several types of appearances, where you can get a stylish Vans cap in an army look with a flat brim. Or the classic black/white cap that many truckers have worn. Complete style.

Made from the best materials

To create a durable cap, it must be made from the best possible materials. We are very careful in choosing caps for our range, as we only want to offer our customers the best and most durable ones. Fabric and mesh are made of durable quality, allowing room to breathe. They can also withstand washing at low temperatures if you need to wash your trucker cap. You can be sure that you are buying pure quality when shopping at We always have the most beautiful and cool caps at great prices that can add plenty of edge and style to anyone. Whether you prefer casual wear or something more sophisticated, a cap can work. If you have enough confidence, you can always wear it. No doubt. It's only your imagination that sets the limits.

Unisex trucker caps in a cool style

It may be that our trucker caps come in very boyish colors, but they are unisex caps. If you have a small head, you might want to measure again and check the cap's dimensions to make sure you can fit it. Otherwise, all our caps come in a cool style that adds an extra dimension to your outfit. If you also like wearing caps and consider them a piece of clothing just like your shoes or clothes, the cap is an opportunity to complete everything. You can choose one that suits your temperament in terms of colors and appearance, which helps to emphasize your personal style. A black or white cap can do a lot for your outfit. Because it is often neutral in color and pattern, it can be used to spice up most outfits.

High quality at low prices

If you appreciate good quality at low prices, we at are always ready with low-priced trucker caps in many variations. We always have caps in stock, so you can have your favorite cap delivered within a few business days. We do not compromise on quality, which ensures that the product is always 100% in order. All our caps are available at favorable prices, so you don't have to pay too much for your caps again. Keep an eye on our shop regularly, so you're up to date when we get new items. We always offer our products at low prices, and we provide cheap shipping for only 2.5. If you buy for more than 49, the shipping is free. So if you're considering buying multiple caps at once, you can actually save on shipping, and we'll make sure they arrive within 1-3 days. Order your trucker caps online here at

What is a Trucker Cap?

The trucker cap can be recognized by the mesh on the back and a closure similar to adjustable caps.


Does High5shop have Trucker Caps from popular brands?

We do. You will find Trucker Caps from 47 Brand, DC, New Era, Flexfit, Dickies, Fox, Stetson, Upfront, Goorin Bros, Ellesse, Vans, Brixton, Quiksilver.

How do I find my cap size?

We suggest that you measure the circumference of your head if you haven't bought a new hat recently.

Step 1. Use a piece of string Step 2. Place the string around your head, just above your ears and eyebrows Step 3. Then measure the string with a ruler or yardstick Step 4. Now you have your size in cm (sizes of our items are indicated in cm)

TIP: You can also use a measuring tape, of course.

Can my own logo or name be embroidered on the Trucker Cap?

Trucker Caps can be customized with print, embroidery, or logos, creating positive associations. It's also smart to have an advertising item at eye level, as it attracts attention.

Can the trucker cap be used for both summer and winter?

The trucker cap is most suitable for summer due to the mesh on the back, but it can also be used during winter if you want to look cool for a party or a date.