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Here on this page, we offer a large selection of caps in cool styles. We have carefully selected a wide range of different caps to suit today's fashion and people's demand. There are the classic caps, snapback, flexfit, adjustable, trucker caps and stylish solid color caps in white and black. If you have any specific preference, we probably have it here in the shop, where there is a wide range for everyone. If you like the more conservative baseball caps or perhaps a more streetwear-looking cap with lots of sweet details. We have it all here at High5Shop, so you just have to find your absolute favorites. We really do have a cap for everyone - regardless of age and gender and we have some of the best prices out there on famous high-quality caps.

Available in many variations

Here at we know everything there is to know about caps. Among other things, it's the passion for the many choices and fits that helped kick-start our dream. We have a ton of sweet caps which are available in many versions and styles since it's like a religion to some what kind of style they like. Some are into the legendary trucker cap, which has the familiar net and a nice motif. While others are more into the conventional, adjustable cap in one color. We do what we can to hit the nail on the head when it comes to what the current fashion says, but we also have cool caps for older men who like to linger in the past. There's a cap for everyone.

Caps from all the known brands

Just like some see it as a religion what kind of style to go for, the brand of choice is equally important for others. We offer all of the known brands, which in our opinion are the most important right now. That is, among others, Vans, Flexfit, Converse, Upfront, Kangol and many more. You can find all the known brands, most of which are in one size, here. The size is indicated for several of them so that you can see how large they are in circumference. Typically, they are 55-60 cm, and you can get many of them with an adjustable strap that can be customized to your head.

A cap should fit perfectly

When buying a new cap, it is important that it fits perfectly. It should fit you well without feeling tight or itchy. All caps in our selection are manufactured in a quality that erases this problem. If you have any doubts about the fit, then you can go for a cap that can be adjusted. Then you can always tighten it a notch if it's windy, etc. Choose a cap that fits your personal style, looks nice and adds extra coolness. We have plenty of those here in our shop, so you can find one that fits your head and your style perfectly. They're easy to wear - especially if you're having a bad hair day or just want to achieve a more casual look. Then a cap can really help you out.

Suits all outfits well

Are you looking for a casual cap that suits all outfits, then you're in luck because you have an amazing opportunity right now to find one that is perfectly suited to pair of worn jeans or a skirt. There are no restrictions when it comes to sweet caps. You can find one that matches your clothes one day and pick another for the next day when wearing something else. We consider them to be garments just like shoes and clothes. Fittingly, you can buy several caps that compliments your style.

High-quality cap

We never compromise when it comes to the quality of our products. We have no interest in cheap caps that don't last for long. We live for our happy customers who appreciate the selection we have. You can always find high-quality caps which are made of durable materials and last for a really long time even if you one day want or need to wash your cap. Usually, the seams of cheap no-name caps unravel and easily lose color and the firmness of the brim. You don't see any of that here, as we only include caps in our large selection that fits in with some of the most popular styles right now. Find your caps here at High5Shop where we always have plenty of caps in stock and guarantee fast delivery and really cheap shipping.

For boys, men, girls and women

One of the many great things with caps is that they fit everyone. No matter if you're a boy, a man, a girl or a woman. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that you find the right cap that fits you well and gives you the look you want. And if you have long hair, you don't have to fix it. It also helps those with short hair who like to use caps in many color variations, with great motifs, logos and much more. The caps here on the page are unisex so they can be used by all genders. Just make sure to keep an eye on the size if you have a smaller head and want a cool cap.

Great prices on caps

Here at, we have some of the best prices on caps in all the known brands. We have a wide selection which is why everyone can find something that they like. All of our prices are very good, so there might be some room for more caps. And in addition, we offer cheap shipping of only 3.99€, with 100 days return and free shipping at purchases over 49€. You can find a lot more about each cap by choosing the category you want to see caps from. Want a flexfit or a snapback? They're all cheap caps, but good ones.