Hats (123)

Here at High5Shop, we are incredibly excited about all of the possible accessories you can have! Hats in particular, is something that we are really excited about as they help add a very personal touch to your outfit. Regardless of the style you like, there is no doubt that there's a hat that will fit in with your wardrobe! We sell both classic models and more modern versions of hats, so whether you are into bucket hats or fedoras, you will probably be able to find something you like here at High5Shop!

Hats save a bad hair day

Besides the fact that hats are a great tool for finishing an outfit, they're also an absolutely brilliant way of saving a bad hair day! If the strands don’t listen to your commands, the easiest option is to throw on a hat and then you'll also be stylish at the same time! Furthermore, a hat protects you from the elements, so if it happens to be a fairly rainy and windy day, you just have to grab the hat and you've made sure that your hair is just the way it should when you reach your destination! At High5Shop we have a wide selection of hats, so we're sure there is one you'll want to use the next time the wild locks of hair on your head needs to be tamed!

The hippie bucket hat

One of the models we sell here at High5Shop is the modern bucket hat, which has made its way onto the fashion scene in recent years! The bucket hat — also known as the fisherman's hat or Irish country hat — can be used in a ton of different ways. It puts a personal touch to any look and it's popular with both girls and boys! If you choose a solid color, it's rather harmless and can be added to almost any outfit and will certainly help spice it up a bit!

The classic fedora

Another one of our models here at High5Shop is the classic fedora, which apparently never goes out of fashion! Dating as far back as the 1890s, this is the classic hat with a pressed front. In the 40s, the Hollywood stars started using it, and because of that, it started to get really popular! It became iconic with its timeless design and has become the hallmark of gangsters and private detectives in all the great movie classics! This hat adds a little extra spice to your look and can be styled in a myriad of ways, which is also one of the reasons why it remains in place in the world of fashion no matter the year!

Quality is high — prices are low

Here at High5Shop, we're very keen on the quality being top-notch! That's why we always choose only the very best products that we definitely can vouch for. That does not mean, however, that prices are equally high — we live for our happy customers, and so the prices must also be appropriate, of course! You can explore our webshop with a good conscience and be inspired by our many different hats.