Short Beanies (19)

The classic, short beanies are never a bad choice, so to speak! These stylish beanies are the icing on the cake for any outfit, and there is actually no look that a short beanie can't complement! Furthermore, a high-quality beanie is delightful to have during autumn and winter, when there is a great need to stay warm. Even though the beanie is short, it still keeps your head warm – so you can stay cool and keep your cool even when the rain is pouring and the thermometer shows below zero!

Headwear takes your outfit to new heights

Here at High5shop, we have a huge passion for headwear! We love everything from caps to beanies and hats! And that's precisely because headwear simply takes your look to the next level. An already solid outfit reaches new dimensions when accessories like headwear are added, and that's why we're such big fans of it! Any look can be spiced up with a lovely, short beanie – whether it's a classic men's look, a modern hipster look, or a more feminine look you're going for. The short beanies work with anything, so if you don't already have one or two in your wardrobe, it's time to get started!

The beanie tames wild locks

Can you relate to the annoying feeling of a bad hair day? You have to be exceptionally lucky with your hair if you can't – and if so, you're more than welcome to share your secret with us! – but fortunately, the solution is within reach with a beanie! When your hair doesn't want to cooperate, even though you've struggled with it all morning, the answer is a smart, short beanie. With it, you can hide away the unruly hair and instead focus on the rest of your look! Your hair can sit under the beanie and think about what it's done! Plus, you look super stylish with a beanie on, so in reality, a bad hair day isn't so bad after all, as long as you have a nice, short beanie on hand!

Great quality and great prices

Here at High5shop, we refuse to compromise on quality, and we don't think you should either! That's why we always select only the very best products for our shop. It means that you can freely indulge yourself here on the site, knowing that the items are top-notch. And fortunately, good quality doesn't exclude good prices! In fact, we have very favorable prices in our lovely little store, so there's no reason to hold back! Just take a look at our wide range of short beanies – we're confident you'll find your new favorite, whether you prefer fold-ups, ribbed beanies, or something completely different. Cold weather and bad hair days, bring it on!